Wrapped in a Bow Erotic Story

 Wrapped in a Bow

I throw my legs over the edge of the bed Christmas morning. As soon as my feet hit the floor my bedroom door opens. Standing in the doorway, naked, is my sister Brooke with a bow tied around her hard cock.

“Merry Christmas Jerry,” she says rushing up to me.

Priya, 22, Ernakulam

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Brooke is my twin sister and she was born a little differently than me. It never bothered me growing up with her and I always felt bad because she never had a boyfriend. I always thought my sister was hot and the few time I got to see her naked, she was even hotter. Seeing her cock for some reason it made me want to go to my room and masturbate. I never told her or anyone about it, but I guess now living together on our own, with our first Christmas without our parents, she knows. Or rather, she has known.

When she reaches me, we kiss deeply. I caress her body moving my hands up to her naked breasts. She lets out a moan as I squeeze them, causing her nipples to become hard under my touch. She removes my shirt and boxers, exposing my hard cock. She immediately grabs onto it with her soft hands and begins to pump it slowly. Precum seeps out and she makes sure to rubs her hand over my cockhead and spread it over the length of my shaft.

I enjoy the hand job until she pushes me back onto the bed. There she stands in front of me. Her nipples poke straight out and they only get harder after she pinches them teasingly. Her cock stands straight up and is nearly as big as mine with a large red bow wrapped around it. Licking her lips, she pulls the bow free.

“I hope you like your Christmas present.”

I nod and she crawls onto the bed and lies onto of me. I feel her firm breasts on my chest as we kiss and her hard cock rubs against my precum soaked cock. While we kiss she starts to grind our two cocks together. The feeling is odd but yet exciting. Both of us ooze out globs of precum onto each other, making our cocks slick.

After sometime, she brings her knees up over me, straddling my body and begins to ease my cock into her hungry ass. With her on top of me, my cock pushes toward her tight asshole. She slowly moves herself up and down easing it inside of herself. My cock is so lubed up by our combined precum that it easily slides inside of her. I can feel the tightness of her as squeeze against my cockhead and then it pops right in.

She gasps as my long, thick cock begins to go deeper inside her virgin ass. After she gets used to my engorged cockhead filling her ass, she eases the rest of way down on me. She is tight and I feel every bit of my cock filling her ass up.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good!” she cries as she rocks her hips.

I grab her hips to help her rock faster. I feel her cock leak more precum onto my stomach. More squeezes out with each thrust into her tight virgin ass. As my cock slides in deeper, she lowers her head down and kisses me deeply. Her breasts mash against my chest.

Breaking away from our kiss, I roll her onto her back and push her legs back toward her head. I bend down so I can lick and nibble on her stiff nipples. They stick straight out teasingly and I flick them easily with my tongue. While I continue to pump her in and out, I reach down and begin to stroke her cock. My hand slides easily over it, gliding smoothly because of her precum that covers it.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” I yell suddenly as I feel my balls tighten up to my body. I thrust into her harder and faster and I feel my cock begin to grow.

“Cum for me! Fill my ass!” Brooke yells.

She grinds harder against me and it takes me to the edge and over. With one last thrust of my hips, my cock begins to pour thick jets of cum inside her tight ass. I fill her until my cum oozes out of her tight hole and around my shaft.

I roll off of her and she quickly moves toward my cock and begins to lick it clean. What escapes her tongue slides down my thick shaft and down between the crack of my ass. Brooke doesn’t miss a thing. She spreads my legs apart telling me, “Relax Jerry, it’s my turn to cum for you.”

I don’t know why, but I give into her and I feel my body relax. She takes a finger and rubs my escaped cum around my asshole and then slowly eases her slender finger indie. When she does that, my cock begins to grow hard again. She probes me with her finger before slipping in a second. Eventually, a third goes in. She strokes m cock while finger fucking me and it isn’t long before I am at my full hardness again.

“Are you ready for me?” she asks.

“Fuck yes,” I hiss, “Please fuck me.”

She gets in between my legs, spreading them so she can get her cock inside of my virgin ass. The she pushes her cockhead inside. A slight sting shoots through me, but it is instantly replaced with the most exciting sensation I have ever felt.

Slowly, she thrusts into me, letting me get used to the feeling. Then she begins to thrust faster and harder. My ass is stretched out by her thick cock and I love it. Her cock presses deep inside of me, massaging me. A thick stream of my precum oozes out, spilling onto my stomach.

“Mmmm,” she moans as she rubs my precum on my stomach with her hand and rock hard cock. “We can’t have this go to waste,” she says stroking me with a tight fist.

While she pounds me with her cock and jacks off mine, I feel myself getting close to cumming again. I can’t form words and instead I groan loudly, which seems to only spur my sister on more. I feel her cock sliding in and out faster and deeper. Her hand slides the full length on my cock up to my cockhead and back down to the base.

Brooke moans loudly with my groans. She pummels as deep as she can into my ass, pumping my cock as quickly as she can. Then I shoot my load. My hot cum is thick and sticky as it splatters across my stomach and chest. My ass milks Brooke’s cock as I cum and it is too much for her to handle and she starts to pump me full of her cum. Her cock becomes thicker as it twitches inside of me. I feel her hot cum pour inside of me as she screams in pure bliss.

She falls on top of me and kisses me deeply as her cum soaked cock slides out of my ass. I feel her cum ooze out of me as I hold her tight.

“Merry Christmas Brooke,” I say.

“She looks at me, starring deep into my eyes. “Can we celebrate Christmas more often?”

I smile at her, kissing her luscious lips. I pull away and say, “We can do this as many times as you’d like.”

“What about your girlfriend Sara?” she asks with a little bit of sadness on her face.

I cup her face with my hands and pull her toward my face. “From this point on, you’re my girlfriend and my lover.”


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